Green and natural

Hi, everybody

I just want to share with you some green and tropical experience from the cold Frankfurt and Mainz.

Warm greetings, Lili


Internet for Dummies…!

Hi all, if you are interested in knowing more about RSS in plain English follow the link….  ohh… link? Yes link = LINK

FNF Blog-watch – R to V

Not wanting to leave anyone’s blog out, let’s pick up where we left off earlier. We come to the R’s:

Ramdalel’s one-and-only post is short and to the point: No glory but honesty. He has more on the page about his party, but in Indonesian.

Rick’s latest post is simply a series of links to his presence on various social networking and content sharing sites. Very appropriate to our last session on Networking.

Seppi’s latest post is about meeting interesting people from all over the world.

Sokunthea writes and provides some great photos about her visit to Germany in her first post.

Straight Talk, Khoo Kay Peng’s blog, is a long standing blog. His latest post is Hundu Rights Action Force leaders being detained under the Internal Security Act in Malaysia.

Taieb wrote yesterday about our visit to Dresden and Erfurt.

Toni’s latest post is a demonstration of html formatting, but his previous post asks (and answers) the question, “Are video gamers really violent?”

Last, but certainly not least, is Venellin’s blog. His latest post offers a couple of photos – from Bulgaria, I think?


FNF Blog watch L to O

So what are people blogging?

Continuing on from the previous posting, we now provide you with reviews of blogs from L to O.

Lilia: Her blog is titled ‘liberals from Prague to Moscow’ and deals primarily with political issues and aims at spreading word on the Naumann Foundation’s work in the region (26 countries of the Eastern Europe and the Caucasus)

Marissa: An interesting blog… this details out all the friends she has visited through her travels across the world. Particularly good is her detailed narrative on Cologne and the Cathedral.

May: The true idealist…. May comes out with the traditional fight against corruption! Information on the blog only proves her dedication towards humanity.

Mohammed: A wonderful page layout and detailing all the fascinating news of the world from a Zanzibari perspective! His blog is in both english and national language (kiswahili). He has titled itZanzibar Daima, Jana, Leo na Kesho” (meaning Zanzibar Forever….Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow)

Mori: He is certainly the master of digital editing …and this is clearly reflected in his images and video upload (Remember the Mac vs Windows video?). He also has a link to Flickr with pictures of the team in Dresden.

Nasir: A simple blog to begin with, but we will surely see more when he gets back home!

Ozcan: The true party man, this blog is dedicated to the Liberal Democratic Party in Turkey and detailing the concepts of Liberalism. He also gives us a detailed view on the Turkish government, economy and history.

“R to V” to follow shortly.

FNF Blog-watch – A to K

One of the advantages of the SEO exercise on Wednesday afternoon is that we now have a complete blogroll. It has been separated into Moderators, organisations, participants and community.

So what are people blogging about?

We’ve had a look at some of our blogs over the last week, but let’s have a look at a few more, and get an update from everyone… Continue reading

IAF Silent Movie 2007

Dear participants,

Finally, we bring you the IAF Silent Movie 2007 created by May, Sokunthea, Fortune, Taieb and myself.

Using a silent movie to promote new media in the internet was no easy task, but we belive it paid off.

Enjoy and have fun,

Toni R. Crisolli

P.S. The movie was shot with an ordinary webcam. 🙂

Mori’s video blog on visiting Weimar

More to come…